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Do you think your services are a good fit for our customers? Do you think you can add added value or deliver a property-related advisory service to our customers? Then you should apply to become a supplier to us.

We mediate assignments in several different business areas and are always looking for more service areas to be able to offer our customers.

Your service can be in Valuation, Property transactions, Market reports, ESG, Advisory, Tenant service and similar. Our customers are a broad target group and can be found among: Investors, Municipalities, Tenants, Law firms, Constructors, Property owners, Real estate funds, Public sector, Advisors and more


Contact us via the form below and maybe it will be your services that the customer buys next time.


Welcome to the Nordic region's best lead generator for property-related services

  • What does it mean to be a supplier to NPD?
    Being a supplier with us means that we bring in the business, and it's your responsibility to secure and execute the delivery to the customer. If we receive an inquiry, such as a valuation request, we will coordinate with the customer to connect you, allowing you to do what you do best. We will be your best Lead-Generator that you ever had
  • Why you should connect your services with NPD?
    By joining us, we will promote and sell your services. You will receive quote requests from customers you currently do not have contact with. By acting impartially, we can offer customers services from various companies. We generate revenue for you while assisting customers in making the right choices.
  • Do you offer service that is not shown at NPD´s webpage?
    If you provide any service that is not shown at the moment so feel free to contact us. We are always looking to expand our range of services that we can offer to our customers

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Fill you details below and we will let you know more what its about to cooperate with us

Thanks for submitting, we will soon get back to you!

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