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We assist you with the valuation of your property. Through our partners, you can rest assured that authorized appraisers ensure that a accurate valuation is conducted on your property.

The typical process

Data collection

Preparatory steps where lease agreements and other data are collected.


A inspection is conducted of the property and all its surfaces and premises.

Market analysis

An analysis of the market and the locality where the property is situated is performed.


In this step, all data is gathered to calculate operating net income and property value.

Value assessment

Through previous steps, an appraiser can now provide a valuation statement, and a comprehensive valuation has been conducted.


After the valuation is completed, you will, of course, receive a thorough review of the comprehensive report.

Value in valuation

A valuation can assist you in securing better financing, adjusting the leverage on your assets, preparing for a potential decision to divest. Of course, it's also crucial when considering property acquisition.


Through our partners, we conduct valuations throughout the Nordic region, evaluating properties, projects, and land across all segments.

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